Monday, November 25, 2013

Are You Preparing For IIT-JEE Entrance Exam? Know Your Learning Style.

Learning Style: Auditory Learner

Learning is the end goal of studying. Without learning being the result of all the effort that you do, the process of studying becomes useless. That is why finding efficiency in what you do is necessary. This is what leads to the best way of learning. In this case, the best way to find efficiency is to learn more about your learning style.

There are three learning styles currently known to man - Visual, Kinaesthetic, and Auditory. Each learning style is self explanatory. On the other hand, there are certain techniques and strategies which you can use in order effectively incorporate it to your study methods.

This article will be talking more about the auditory learning style.

An auditory learner, as the name suggests, focuses on learning by means of hearing them. This means, they may perform well during a lecture. This also means that they are not able to perform at the optimum level when they read. Chances are, they will not be able to understand what they are reading making their efforts futile.

In addition, auditory learners may be one of those individuals who may become very good psychologists. They are very keen in determining the meaning behind every person’s words by listening to the changes in the words they speak, especially when it comes to intonation. Every word spoken and how it is said has a reason behind it.

There are certain characteristics which may give an auditory learner away. Several characteristics present in an auditory learner are the following:

·         Read the material out loud
·         Performs best during oral reports
·         Confident in speaking in front of the class
·         Explains well
·         Good with remembering names
·         Keen in noticing the sound effects used in movies
·         Loves music
·         Fluent with grammar and specific foreign languages
·         Reads slowly
·         Comprehends spoken words efficiently
·         Very talkative
·         Loves being the center of attention such as when they perform on stage
·         Performs well in study groups

These are the standard characteristics that you may find in an auditory learner. On the other hand, there will always be an exception to every rule. There are those who may not be auditory, but has some of these characteristics. In the end, the best way to determine who among your friends is an auditory learner is by testing the situation where they may perform best after studying.

In order to make an auditory learner more efficient in their studies, you have to remember specific considerations before, during, and after helping them study. The specifics include the following:
  •          Brief before you start and conclude once you are done
  •          Question them during the lecture; always make it a two process
  •           Make them perform activities which may include speaking in larger groups
  •          Let them speak their questions out
  •          Visualize how the interaction will be between you and the learners

Knowing the characteristics of an auditory learner helps you determine how to adjust your teaching strategies to the kind of people you are dealing with. In addition, the learners will also gain an idea regarding the best way for them to learn.

Learning is all about efficiency and consistency. Getting yourself familiar with your style will be the difference maker in getting good grades and failing a class.

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