Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Preparation- How To Go About It

A competitive exam is much different from regular exams. You only go through certain sections of the given curriculum for your course exam and even there you can estimate the possible questions. This is not so with any competitive exam. For course curriculum exam you have certain books and though in most cases the outline of syllabus is the only indication but a set of previous years’ question papers make the job easier. You get some ideas. You get possible question types and this is diametrically opposite to the situation for competitive exams. Why?

You don’t know what the question type is. If it is even mentioned that objective type questions will be there can you estimate what their nature will be? Most of the competitive exam boards in science stream after plus two are very careful not to repeat the previous year paper types so that the student do not try to predict their ways. This is more prominent when you go for IITJEE. In this confusing situation it is really tough to reach the best guidance. Don’t be surprised. Guidance is essential for a good score and rank. Even if you are nearly through your first year of junior college there is still time. But to crack the bulls’ eye you need guided planning.

How do you prepare? First go for the text that is mentioned in syllabus. Chose a few books suggested by your guidance centre or recommended by your professor. Remember these books are to clear your conceptions for the different topics so if you do not think about a chapter in a book very positively take another book. Do not have inertia to change books, one book may have good English but that is not important, whether you understand the subject or not is paramount. Once you have covered every line of the given syllabus for the test papers of the guidance centre. You can choose one from CETpractice or from any one you fancy. The benefit with CETpractice is that the accompanying apps help you to identify your weaker sections and possible corrections to improve them.

The apps set also guide you on allotting time for individual chapters and how you can improve your preparation in the given situation. Remember that JEE mains is different from most other engineering exams and you need to test your position with Exam Competitiveness Guide app. Every exam is different from other and till you don’t prepare for a particular exam and take tests accordingly you do not know where you stand. Since the cut off can be half of a mark, check how competitive you are.

Please note that only studying through your lessons is not enough for cracking the entrance exams. You need something to give edge over the million other taking the same NEET exam. Next issue we will talk about two people who could use successfully some tactics and methods to their benefit.


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