Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Planning to Crack the IIT-JEE 2014/15 –Get planning Guide from CETPractice

Exams measure our knowledge also enhance our learning, but have you ever felt ill prepared for an exam? Almost everyone has, and sometimes we just need a little extra help.Luckily, CETPractice.com is here to help you achieve your greatest success in competitive Engineering and Medicine entrance exams. Our Personal Exam Planning (PEP) Coach App is India’s first project management tool that will help you plan better, learn faster, retain longer and score higher.

The most important thing a student can do to prepare for exams is to start early. NEET, JEE, Mains and similar exams require thorough preparation over a two-year period on multiple subjects, concepts and chapters. Proper planning for these tests requires strategy and the ability to use time wisely by developing practical study techniques. Successful performance on any exam is usually a reflection of our daily application of the following strategies:

 Overview of the work to be done
Schedule study time accordingly
Deal with unread material
Review materials actively, not passively
Take care of physical and emotional health

Download the PEP Coach App today and we guarantee you will achieve great success in your study strategy, tracking your progress, spending time wisely, and ultimately scoring better on tests. With the PEP Coach, you will gain access to pre-fed chapters per syllabus, personalized scheduling, built-in reminders to update progress, initial preparation and revision tracking, college tutorials, and performance and time tracking.

There will always be a certain amount of tension during exam periods, but proper planning and preparation using the PEP Coach App will help you approach an exam efficiently and calmly. Just remember that a little bit of anxiety is normal because it gives you the adrenaline boost necessary to heighten your awareness.

As the old saying goes, "Failing to plan is planning to fail". The process of preparing for a test requires that we develop good study skills and coordinate those skills effectively and efficiently. This way, we reap positive results!

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