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Exam ECG: How can it help Me?

Exam ECG: How can it help Me?

Exam ECG is your diagnostic tool for finding out your subject preparation levels, your mental stamina development and emotional toughness to take the examination as well as your answering pattern. It’s a wonderful tool to use when you are at your last leg of exam preparation.

The objective of Exam ECG is to help you stop mark loss due to common technique pitfalls and help you maximize your marks gain by your efforts in the last few weeks preceding the examination.
The following ten are some of the common checks that an Exam ECG does; there are many more benefits to taking an Exam ECG, which you could discover for yourself by taking an Exam ECG.

Exam ECG Check 1:
Did you know that a significant number of students lose a good rank in competitive exams not for lack of studies but because they are unable to manage their time while answering the paper. Exam ECG can help you to understand your answering pattern and make the important changes, where required, to make sure you get the optimal time to answer all questions.

Exam ECG Check 2:
Exam ECG helps you find out time traps, sections that absorb more time than they should during an exam. These may include certain type of questions, specific chapters or time points during the exam. Finding out these time traps will help you plan and avoid wasting your time in your final exam.

Exam ECG Check 3:
Find out if you are using your time productively with Exam ECG. At a glance estimate your success rate in answering questions which take up the most of your time. This will help you decide how to deal with questions where you might not have an apparent answer quickly.

Exam ECG Check 4:
A lot of students wrongly answer questions for which they might know the right answers. They might be rushing through these questions and not spending the optimum time to understand the question and potential answers. Exam ECG helps you identify if you are likely to commit such errors and take steps to ensure that you do not lose marks on this account.

Exam ECG Check 5:
Competitive exams are as much a test of your mental stamina and emotional strength as your subject knowledge. Does your performance start deteriorating after sometime in to the examination? Are you likely to get in to a losing streak after having difficulties answering a couple of questions? Find out answers to these questions with Exam ECG.

Exam ECG Check 6:
Note down the questions that you have guessed the answers for during answering your exam. Then at a glance find out how much time you have spent on guessing and what has been your success rate for guessing. This analysis is very crucial when you have negative marking. While guessing is not a recommended strategy, you can analyse and work upon improving your guess success rate based on the Exam ECG.

Exam ECG Check 7:
Exam ECG measures your scoring pattern and answering speed throughout the duration of the examination. Find out if your score is dipping abnormally as time passes, which might be an indicator of mental fatigue. Compare this with your answering speed and figure out if you have developed the mental stamina and focus required to perform at peak levels throughout the entire duration of the examination.

Exam ECG Check 8:
Your final revision should be structured in such a way that it leads to the maximum increase in your marks. A good way is to find out which chapters are your weakest and strongest and in which chapters a revision should suffice and which chapters need to be re- taught. Multiple Exam ECG chapter analyses can help you quickly identify deficiencies and help you structure your last minute preparation for marks maximization.

Exam ECG Check 9:
Competitive exams are a mix of easy and difficult questions. Exam ECG can help you analyze how you are faring with the difficult questions in terms of time spent and success rate. Similarly it can help you find out if you are spending too much time or scoring low in comparatively easy questions.

Exam ECG Check 10:
Exam ECG's subject wise - analysis gives you a comprehensive picture of your performance by subject helping you find out your strongest and weakest subjects, distribution of time between subjects and productivity by subject. This analysis helps you focus on your last - minute preparation and formulating your exam answering strategy.

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